25 September 2008


Vital Effective Character Development Through Observation & Reflection.

That's what it stands for, anyway. I did learn more than I expected.

A retired chief (the highest enlisted rank) ran the seminar - pretty cool guy, makes a lot of puns, but brings out the meaning in a lot fo things. We talked a lot about values and purpose - which I already had, but it's always a good talk. And a chance to bring up faith, since that is what I value most.

But what I'll remember most from today didn't come from the chief. It came from a Technical Sergeant, a "facilitator" at my table. Towards the end, he told us he always likes to come and see the cadets - to see the purpose and the dedication we have at such a young age. He thanked us, and wrapped up with this: 

"And you guys will be leading us in a few years." His eyes were misty.

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