16 October 2008

Dreams for another man

Went to vist the refugees again tonight. But now refugees seems like the wrong word. It's not personal enough. 

I helped Vincent with Albert's homework tonight. I don't think Albert could have done it; it was even hard for Vincent. He's got a hunger for learning, a hunger I recognize and appreciate. Helping him study English makes me realize how difficult English is - he knows what a pot is, and he knows what a home is, but the concept of the short o in pot and the long o in home is lost on him. I suppose it was lost on me at first, too.

It's easy at first to underestimate these people's intelligence. But after talking to them for a while, you realize they are very intelligent: they know the answer; they just don't know how to express it in English. It's like a genius engineering major who can't explain his design in a way the builder can understand it. But Vincent wants to explain it, and he works hard to learn how.

As I sit there next to him, with his little brother, Jackson, running away giggling from my tickling fingers, I wonder what these boys will be: engineers? leaders? Pastors? ambassadors?

They have potential. If only the rest of the world could see it.

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