20 October 2008

Lost in the Fog

New running trails are always dangerous for me: I must always see what's around the next corner, where the trail leads if I keep going. That's not a huge problem if you have time and a direction reference.

But when you only have an hour and the fog covers everything outside one hundred feet, it can be a problem. I was running south, along a high ridge, wondering where the ridge ended, and where the trail led when it did. After forty-two minutes and 3.6 miles, I'm still not sure.

But God is good: his creation, even when covered with clouds, is beautiful. Running through the pine and scrub oak, I could see and smell a bit of fall - something I've missed from Michigan. And, running towards a point unkown, I had to trust that he would bring me back safely. Night falls quickly behind the mountains.

Eventually, I found a road, and it told me which way North Gate was, giving me my bearings once again. With only forty minutes until the start of BSU, I hitchhiked back up with a man who leads a different Bible study here. After a hot shower, I changed back into blues, refreshed and curious.

I'll be running back down there soon.

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