11 January 2009

Colorado, why didn't I meet you sooner?

Woke up at 0445 today for a trip with the ski club up to Keystone. I slept or tried to sleep most of the way up, but couldn't go back to sleep after we stopped at a gas station. It was worth being awake, though: snow covered the mountains and frozen waterfalls dotted their cliffs.

Up at Keystone - anywhere between 9000 and 1100 feet, it was gorgeous. Snow coming down, and cold enough to freeze the fingers of my gloves stiff, but gorgeous. I was, of course, shaky at first, and crashed many times. But snow is a rather forgiving surface, and I survived the day with nothing more than a sore shoulder.

I couldn't have picked a better way to spend the day: carving (and sliding) down snow-covered mountains amongst pine trees, quiet except for the sound of my skis.

And I thought skiing in Michigan was fun...

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