03 January 2009


Wake up, eat, ride. Lunch is GU and Clif Bars on the bike. Come back, eat some more, chill, go to sleep.

That was pretty typical day here in Tucson. Riding through the deserts and mountains of southern Arizona, there are few places I'd rather be. And I'll definitely be coming back to many of these places in the future, with a hammock and a sleeping bag.

Yesterday, we did Mount Lemmon, a 26-mile climb that took us from 2500 feet up to 9000 feet. We passed through the cacti near the bottom, up through the scrub brush, then into pines and aspens. Near the top, there were kids sledding in a foot of snow. Beautiful views of the desert floor and river valleys, mountains on the horizon.

I'll be sorry to leave this place - I've forgotten it's winter in most of the country. Every day here has been over seventy with cloudless skies. But, 500 miles and a week later, it's time to head back to USAFA. Racing season is coming...

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  1. Holy cow! To quote Bugs Bunny, that guy in the Dalmac jersey musta took a wrong turn in Albuquerque!