20 February 2009

20 days, 24 miles

There are twenty days until recognition... twenty days until I can wear my backpack, walk and talk where I want, wear civies, and listen to music. It's coming fast, but these last twenty days won't be easy...

We're restricted this weekend, not allowed to leave the base. Unless, of course, I'm on a training ride. And you can bet I'll be training tomorrow. Just got back from a ride tonight, but I only had time for a lap around the base before the sun went below the mountains: sunset comes fast in the shadow of the Rockies, and with it comes cold.

A lap around the base is twelve miles, but it has 1200 vertical feet. The shaded descent down Pine Drive was chilly, but the long climb up the overlook was pretty comfortable, save the wind, with a long-sleeve jersey and vest. Wind plus hill equals hard, but it feels good when it's over.

Today was my second time on my new bike: with sickness, intramurals, and training sessions, I haven't had many opportunities to ride; I've only put 24 miles on it. But the bike is sweet - light, fast, and smooth. Thanks, dad!

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