01 February 2009

Bucket list

I figured I'd better start writing these down - I'll probably bold the ones I finish. But that doesn't mean I won't do them again...

-Be God's instrument in the salvation of a people who have never heard His name
-Ride around El Lago Atitlan on two-wheeled vehicles with my dad
-Learn a third language
-Learn to play an instrument (guitar?)
-Get lost in the woods for good week
-Road trip across the country
-Be a husband and a father
-Know God
-Make myself small enough to be used by God
-Visit all seven continents and all fifty states
-Watch a sunset from the air with my wife
-Hammock between the skids of a helicopter
-Run a half-marathon
-Run a marathon
-Run an ultra-marathon
-Jump out of an airplane
-Get stranded on a tropical island
-Translate the Bible to a language that doesn't have it (fourth language?)
-End world hunger


  1. All good, but still too short for a bright guy like you.

  2. ROAD TRIP!!!!!! (You know I'm in.)
    Across, up, down, around. Repeat.

  3. i'll help you with guitar if you'd like