12 February 2009

Colonels and majors

Talking with my Spanish teacher in class the other day made me want to make Colonel. He's one, and he knows what he's doing. A man like that has a lot of influence, and if he followed God... imagine. But I still don't know what God has in store for me. I should put more effort into asking Him.

Something else I have to ask him about: my academic major. We had majors night tonight, where all the different departments break out cool exhibits in Fairchild Hall and try to get kids to major in their department.

I was lucky - no, blessed - to find a 2010 BSU'er at the Mechanical Engineering display. She told me a lot about the department and the major, which sound like a good fit for me. I could even take some English courses on the side to satisfy my dualistic academic mind...

My English 211 teacher, a P.H.D. and a retired colonel, thought I could double major. But that's a huge courseload: near 150 hours for each, with no overlap.

So I'm leaning towards ME, and wondering how long I'll be wearing the blue suit.


  1. Dual major: All things are possible with God.

    How long in the blue suit: One day at a time.