01 February 2009

Faceplants and avalanches

Here's a shot from Arapahoe Basin, up in the Rockies at 13,000 feet. Had a blast skiing there all day Sunday. It's pretty raw - as if the only change made to the mountain was to add some lifts. Pretty sure there was only one green run in the park - I never took it, so I took some spills. Adam, my roommate, was lucky enough to see the worst faceplant I've ever executed: going fast, I got into some deep, choppy powder, and my right ski got caught under the snow. The rest is history, to be recorded by everyone on the lift with oohs and ahs.

But, I did get a lot better: I've learned to carve, to stay in control with out going down the mountain sideways. It's a blast.

So are the mountains. God's mountains. Who else could create something so beautiful?

"Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God,
the Creator of the ends of the earth."
- Isaiah 40:28


  1. I heard a good message about God's creation just this morning at my son's church here in California.

    For all the science that purports to know everything, they have not explained the origin of matter or how atoms are actually kept in motion and in cosmic order. Which is just the point, however you look at creation, scientifically or theologically, the mystery is still in the actual creation and we know who did that.

  2. Yes.

    Have you read "Language of God" by Francis Collins? It's an interesting perspective by the man who led the Human Genome Project.

  3. My, ain't it pretty up thar ...