06 February 2009

What a week

"At the United States Air Force Academy, cadets endure painfully hard academics, military instruction, and an overall strictly regimented existence. The workload is monstrous—more than most human beings could possibly complete, really." - Princeton Review

I laughed at that once, but I can certainly agree with it now. To be honest, this week would have been beyond stressful without God. Spending the first half hour of my days with God really made them go a lot more smoothly.

I'm nearly finished with the week now, and I can't remember a busier one. I've learned some things, including one hard lesson from my Spanish teacher, a full-bird: Hay que empezar más pronto. I've received feedback from a classmate or two and wished I could've given some to upperclassmen. I guess the leadership on a mission trip is a lot different than leadership in the military, but I'm not sure it should be.


  1. So, it's not all ski club and picking out racing bicycles?

    Phew, we were getting worried. :)

    Mom and I need translations!

    Hang tough, No. 1 Cowboy.

  2. It is necessary to begin sooner.

    Thanks, dad.

  3. It is necessary to begin sooner?

    He and your mother speak the same language when it comes to homework!