08 March 2009

Roundabouts Galore

More races this weekend: a crit on Saturday, individual and team time trials on Sunday. I didn't get lapped in the crit, and I kinda liked the TT. It's my kinda race: all you gotta do is ride fast, and try not to lose time in the corners. So, skidding my rear tire wasn't good, but I kept the rubber side down, as they say.

Beatiful weather in Denver: sunny and mild. Saturday was a little chilly, but not as bad as last weekend.

I now understand what Jamie Smith was talking about in his book Roadie. He mentioned life on the road as a cyclist... dirt cheap hotels; four men to a one-man room; a shower that's either unbearably hot or freezing cold; no time, energy, money, or facilities to wash gear for the next day's race.

So this is bike racing. I like it.

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