29 March 2009

Share the well

Guatemalan 'soccer fields' are not very nice to soccer balls. Ours was mostly dirt, about fifty feet long, with a chain link fence on one side. It had barbed wire woven in about three feet off the ground and at the top. Those barbs popped a lot of balls, and so did the thorns over the fence. I'd pull out a thorn, hear the air hiss out, and put it back to plug the hole. We could play a little longer that way.

And we complain about a wet spot in the corner where the rain water doesn't drain. 

But it was a great trip: the last day of VBS/soccer camp, I used the wordless book to present the Gospel to the boys. One boy immediately got up and shared his bracelet - our "book" - with an old man standing on the other side of the fence. Although the boys and children usually grabbed for whatever we offered, they sat patiently and listened to the story. A seed was planted, with some soccer balls and colored beads. 

This man, a local Pastor, will use the bracelet to preach to his congregation soon. His excitement was tangible, his faith real. He told us Bibles last year's team had given him had converted some of his congregation, and those people were now praising God. At the end of the week, we gave him a food basket for his family and more Bibles for his congregation.

Here's a shot of me translating for Kelly, our team leader, as she talked to some of the mothers at VBS. They shared friendly laughs with Kelly over her gringa Spanish, so I hope I was able to help a bit.

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  1. Wow! Awesome pics! Good thing you had a semi-pro picture clicker along! ;)