15 April 2009

Fast, neat, average...

Captain "Sully" Sullenberger, USAFA Class of 1973, came here today to receive the Jabara Award. Capt Sullenberger landed the plane on the Hudson in January.

He started off his speech with the words, "fast, neat, average..." to which we all responded, "friendly, good, good." It's an academy tradition from the form O-96, the Cadet Food Acceptability Report. When we finished our half, he said, "I am one of you." A great way to gain credibility with the Cadet Wing.

Most of his actions are covered in the news - but he tried his best to share the spotlight with his crew, to mixed effects. When President Elect Obama called and invited him to the inauguration, Sullenberger accepted with the condition that his crew would also come. A great way to look out for your people.

I wrote down two of the most important things he said:

"A smart man or woman learns from his or her own experiences. A wise man or woman learns from the experiences of others. You have available the experiences of everyone who ever lived and wrote about it."

"I stand before you today as proof that our ideals are still true. And that if we work together and stay true to our ideals, there is little we cannot do."


  1. Pretty cool. Wish I could have gone. Stupid math project...

  2. That's awesome. Glad you got to see and hear him.

  3. OK, now I'm really jealous. On the other hand, it was the Navy who rescued the captain held hostage by pirates. The U.S. Military is the best.

    Go Navy! Go Air Force!