20 May 2009

24 hours

Alarm clock tells me
it is a new day.
I am 24 hours closer to death
and 24 hours closer to life.
I met no mere mortal yesterday
and I will not meet one today.
Will I bring those eternal beings,
those eternal souls,
closer to life?
Or are they just one day
closer to death?

What will I have to show for today?
But what of prayer?
What of salvation?
What of life?

The harvest is plenty
The day is near
Turn the world upside-down.


  1. Nathan,
    Sometimes I think you are a wise old man crammed into a young man's body.
    Great thoughts!

  2. Did you write that yourself? Awesome. It's not in the Bible but there's a saying "reap where you are planted."

    DF, Mom