29 May 2009

Hanging Lake

Wake up at 0500. Notice roommate hasn't gone to bed yet. Pack up bedding and get dressed at 0530. Leave at 0600. Drive three and a half hours. Hike 1.2 miles along a rapid mountain stream up into a steep-walled canyon. Climb on rocks in the stream and notice the water gets colder with altitude. Get to Hanging Lake. Explore. Eat. Explore some more. Set up hammock above thundering waterfall. Head back down. Skinny dip in Colorado River's new snow runoff. Dry off and put on dry undies. Get back in car, and go to Idaho Springs for Beau Jo's Pizza. RTB.

If you want to have an amazing day, follow the steps above.

Five friends and I went to Hanging Lake, near Glenwood Springs, CO, today. It is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Standing there in the top of the Canyon, I couldn't help but praise God for His glorious creation. It's absolutely incredible. And He's made some pretty incredible people, too.

More pictures are on my facebook at this public link. Check 'em out.

Keen sandals worked out great today - mountain streams have unpredictable footing, but they held up well, even in whitewater. Back on the trail, they're as good as or better than any other hiking shoe. Thanks mom! And a waterproof camera can take some pretty sweet pictures.
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