22 May 2009


"I'm here because the Lord wants me to be here. A lot of preachers waste their time walking up and down throwing seeds that won't grow because they've walked over that ground until it's packed hard - gospel hardened. I may be just carrying a seed bag with a small hole in it and maybe those few seeds are falling on some pretty rough, weedy, and stony ground. But the Lord giveth the increase." - Nate Saint, during assignment with the 354th Air Base Wing

That's an excerpt from the free book I got from Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF), Jungle Pilot. Nate Saint was on the same team with Jim Elliot, and was killed with two or three others by Acua spears. Through their efforts and the efforts of their wives, the Acua Indians were saved.

I feel pretty much the same as Nate right now.

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