25 June 2009


On my run this morning, looking around, listening to the sounds of my old stomping grounds, I realized not much has changed around here: it's still super muggy, some of the trails in the park still flood, my road still doesn't see much traffic, and the river still runs high in the summer.

At home, there are still several motorcycles in the garage, my air rifle still hangs in its place, and we still have Macs. There's cereal in the cupboard, snacks in the fridge, and strawberries in the garden. Dad still rides to work, mom still plants flowers, and Luke still plays basketball.

One year ago, at this very hour, I was getting ready to get in the car and leave for basic. The time passes quickly. I've changed a bit, grown a lot.

But all that is the same could change, and I'd be happy, because I know one thing will never change: God loves me, and so does my family. In a world where nothing is constant - except, maybe, in my hometown - that is a blessed assurance.

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  1. Ah, The Situation In Flushing.

    Could be a famous book ...