19 June 2009

Things I learned this week

Here's a list I wrote down in my notepad while we holed up throughout Combat Survival Training in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. It was a hard week, but in the end, it was worth it: I made some good friends, learned a lot, and got rescued by a Blackhawk.

-It is possible to carry a 40 pound ruck 5 clicks a day at 9,000 feet on less than 1,000 calories.

-It's OK to keep checking your makeup when your makeup is camo facepaint.

-You don't need a towel, washcloth, shaving cream, running suit jacket, or scarf for a week in the woods.

-God did a very nice job on Saylor Park.

-If you don't put much in your stomach, nothing comes out the back end.

-It's easy to get apathetic about maintaining your gear when you're tired, hungry, and cold.

-It's dangerous to get apathetic about maintaining your gear when you're tired, hungry, and cold.

-You can gain your men's respect quickly by telling them you fail if they fail.

-There are a lot of hillbillies in Saylor Park, as evidenced by numerous piles of shotgun and handgun shells in clearings.

-A brace can really help start a fire.

-Vaseline-soaked cotton balls are great fire starters.

-You know you're hungry when ants and leaves look tasty.

-Rabbit liver is pretty good when it's not overcooked.

-There isn't much meat on a duck neck, but it's worth some effort if it's all you get to eat for the day.

-Gore-tex is real good stuff.

-If it ain't rainin', it ain't trainin'.

-A pace count can keep you from getting lost.

-Hunger is the greatest of spices.

-From on top of Falcon Peak, Saylor Park looks pretty flat.

-Saylor park is not flat.

-It's easy to have natural spiritual conversations at 9200 feet in the dead of night.

-City kids are really loud in the woods.

-The sun doesn't always rise due east.

-Sometimes you have to chew your water.

-It's possible - and possibly deadly - to get overhydrated.

-Always trust your compass.

-When you picture your cats after a week in the woods, they look like bobcats.

-Sitting on an anthill can result in an itchy feast.

-"Eat the strawberries" sometimes means you gotta eat the strawberry leaves.

-Having ants in your pants really does make you jittery.

-Boredom is the hardest part of evasion.

-Camping is much more fun with food.

-Aspens make for noisy leaves, but pines make for noisy sticks.

-Returning with honor is entirely possible with faith and knowledge.

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