12 July 2009


Good evening, sir! Interceptors Check Six!

My, it's been a while since I've heard that - in fact, the last time I heard was when I was saying it: during basic, one year ago.

Much has changed since then. I have civies, rank, and relative freedom, and life out here is a little more enjoyable - and returning to base not so dreadful. In fact, it was pretty easy this time. I'm beginning to realize I no longer live in Michigan. I no longer live under my parents' roof. Yes, it is still home, and it will continue to be. But it is not my house anymore.

That both saddens and excites me: I will miss it, but I've got opportunities ahead that can't be missed. There are times when I wish I could once again be the little boy tossing rocks into the lake, just for fun. But there are other times when I look forward to watching my own son, someday, to do the same.

But for now, I am learning. And I am content.


  1. Awwww. Guess you're all grown up now. It's bittersweet for your Momma. I sure miss the little boy but I look forward to the future.

  2. Newt, there's nothing like riding a fine horse into new country.