02 July 2009


I once read a story by Patrick F. McManus on the subject of 'sequencing'. All of his stories are funny, but this one hit home because it's something my dad and I do all the time.

Take today for an example: things started simply enough. I needed to dry out my sleeping bag, which got a little damp around the footbox on our recent camping trip. But my bag was in another bag under the canoe, on top of the minivan. So we had to move the canoe.

Which meant that the straps holding the canoe to the roof had to be stowed. And Dad was unsatisfied with their previous resting spot, instead devising a plan to put them on pegboard in the third bay.

So the third bay had to be cleaned out, and the pegboard cut and hung. Once we got the canoe stuff taken care of, Dad wanted to organize the rest of his various straps and bungee cords as well.

And then, still in a pegboard mode, we slung that up along one side of the forty foot pole barn, all around the windows, complete with OSB headers. Of course, we started a fire to take care of the scraps.

That job complete, we returned to the third bay, and began reorganizing it. Noticing the missing mower, we drove to the repair shop to see about it. It wasn't ready.

So we headed to town for a mug of A&W root beer. But the car wash is right next to A&W, so we vacuumed the van first.

After the root beer, we returned home and hung the minivan roof rack storage pod in the third bay. And now, it's time to eat dinner and pack for grandma's.

A good day.

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