06 August 2009

Who do you know?

He looked like a dork. He talked like a military nerd. And he played volleyball like he was the last kid picked.

And for that, we dismissed him. We didn't listen to him. We didn't talk to him.

But we were missing out. This kid had a story to tell: He was adopted into an excessively fundamental Christian family. The father beat his wife daily, yelling about how women should be subservient. I guess in that case, the fundamentals don't include the Gospels.

So this outcast started making a life for himself at 18. He moved out on his birthday, and heard from a friend that the police stopped looking for him when they found out he was 18. He bought a car and got a college scholarship. He'll have a secure job for as long as he wants it.

His adopting family turned him away from Christianity: he's now an atheist, but an open one. Once we actually talked to him, he opened up and so did we. We were able to tell him - and, I hope, show him - what Christianity really is. It's not rules or dominance or arrogance. It's love, the original.

So, who have you dismissed? The dork? The nerd? The fat kid? Do you really know them?

God knows them. And He wants us to love them like He does.

Tell me: who do you know?


  1. Nathan: I just spent a great day with two friends (whom your Dad knows well) All three of us would be classified in school as nerds or dorks, or fat kids. Some of us all three.

    But I watched one of them catch a foul ball at the Tiger game, sit with it a couple minutes in his hand and then tap the young boy in front of us on the shoulder and then hand him the prized ball.

    So even in the hearts of nerds and dorks beats love and caring for their fellow man.

    Makes me want to catch a foul ball and hand it off to a young kid sitting near me.