01 September 2009

Things I learned last week

When you decide not to ride because it's gonna rain, it won't rain.

When the weather looks good and you go for a ride, it'll rain.

When you shave your head, everything - from towels to sunglasses - sticks to your scalp.

You can listen to fifty Johnny Cash songs between Dumas, TX and Childress, TX.

In Quanah, TX, there are drive-through liquor stores.

North Texas is flat.

Ranch sunflower seeds are pretty good.

Arizona raspberry iced tea is delicious.

My Dad was in Dumas, TX in 1985. He ran out of gas on his motorcycle and a friend towed him with a nylon rope that lives in his saddlebag to this day.

When a tire thwacks with every rotation, a blowup may be imminent.

It's important to get tubes with Presta valves. Not Schrader.

I may share my dad's innate ability to find good food anywhere.

Clif shots are good. Especially the caffeinated stuff.

There's a lot of oxygen in Texas. But not many hills.

It's smart to get an apartment after graduation, because it'll already have appliances and furniture. A motor home could be even better.

Even with Chamois Butt'r, your butt will be sore after 109 miles.

Cody Settle is a beast.

I should ride more. And focus on climbs.

You should carry two CO2 cartridges, and make sure your wedge pack is zipped before your ride.

Don't put tubes with holes back in your wedge pack. Throw them out.

Like my dad, it's hard for me to sleep when other people are

After a long day of riding, you can taste the salt running off your head in the shower.

Lots of AF people do the Hotter 'N Hell Hundred. We're the fastest ones.

TLF's have no place to hang a hammock.

The Hotter 'N Hell Hundred is a good 'ol time.


  1. Good luck to you. Your dad is an old friend of mine from high school, and he sent me a link. Keep having adventures.

  2. Hmm I just saw this comment, it didn't notify me when it came in. Thanks!