22 October 2009

Break a leg

A British Olympic gold medalist is backing a campaign to get 1,000 instructors to teach 500,000 kids to safely ride a bike by 2012.

I find that funny. But I don't like the idea at all.

First, parents should teach their kids such things. There is no reason for someone else to step in. It's a great opportunity for parents - or older brothers - to bond with their kids, to teach them, to watch them learn and grow.

And get hurt. Because they will fall. They will skin their knee. But that's a perfect opportunity to love on them, to teach them to bounce back and fight through to the goal. Important skills - for the kid and the parent.

I still remember the day I learned to ride, around the loop at the cabin we rented on the shore of Indian Lake. And I'm glad my parents were there. And I've crashed bikes - with and without engines - but I still ride. My dad taught me something: don't give up.

I hope dads keep teaching their kids that.

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