22 October 2009

Livin' the dream

21 Oct

1430: Go to Engineering Mechanics 330 instructor for some extra instruction on the lab due tomorrow. Estimate it'll take you an hour to finish the assignment.

1445: Go to library to study for differential equations writing test tomorrow.

1500: Realize you have to go get signatures from various departments to schedule a Spanish class next semester. Get signatures, turn in to Dean of the Faculty - Registrar. Email academic advisor and the man in charge of international programs to tell them it's done.

1505: Get an email from the man in charge of international programs asking you to come and talk to him about your interview last week.

1510: Go talk to the guy. He says they're concerned, because you said you want to be a missionary, and they want to promote the Academy as accepting of all religions. Find it ironic that they're telling you this, in a way not accepting your religion. He says you had a very strong interview, but because you're a sophomore, you'll probably get an alternate slot.

1545: Study for diff eq.

1700: Friend comes to study with you.

1750: Go to Mitch's to get some dinner.

1800: Go to cycling club meeting. Sign up to race against Army when the come out for the game.

1830: Return to study with friend for diff eq.

1940: Go to Bible study. Worship, small group, accountability. Relax a little.

2115: Return to the squad, to find a hall brawl blocking your door. Get knocked down a few times on the way to your door, only to find your door locked. Find your roommate, get the key, ditch your coat, blouse, iPod, phone, and backpack. Grab your camera. Take a picture.

2130: Brawl it up.

2145: Help the freshmen put the squadron commander's door back on.

2200: Help the freshmen try to find the squadron commander's sleeping bag which was placed on the F-105 as a prank. Presumably, it blew away. You can't find it.

2230: Realize you haven't done the EM330 lab due tomorrow.

2300: Take a shower. Go to bed.

22 Oct 09

0511: Squadron commander knocks on your door. Operation Golden Flow: urinalysis.

0530: Get back in bed

0630: Wake up. Your hip hurts.

0720: Almost slip on the black ice on the way to the dentist's appointment. Catch yourself, because you grew up in MI and know how to walk on ice.

0850: Teach your political science class about the judicial branch.

1000: Finish your EM330 lab in econ class.

1330: Take diff eq test. Realize that studying helped.

1430: Go get your new glasses from the clinic. They're a little bent, and there's a blue spot on the upper part of one of the lenses. Welcome to the military - at least they're "free".

1435: Sit CQ for an hour. Look for glasses online.

1600: Write this. Think about going to play basketball with some guys from the squad in a bit.


  1. There is SOMETHING your younger brother would like about USAFA — how often are the hall brawls? rofl

  2. My day wasn't nearly as exciting. Love you.