01 November 2009

Starbucks ride

Ninety miles on a bicycle is a good way to spend a Saturday morning. Left with seven other Falcon cycling team members to head downtown for the Starbucks ride, a nice long ride with some hard efforts and big group.

You know you had a good ride when...

Your coach tells you to be in good position for the hard part, after a certain turn. Going into the turn, you're the second man in the paceline.

After the ride, you can't sit down without falling down.

Going upstairs hurts.

Going downstairs hurts.

Walking makes you breathe hard.

All you can think about is meat and fluids.

Your odometer reads 90 miles, and shows an average speed of over 20.

You can taste the salt running off your face in the shower.

You have shadows under your eyes, even though you slept 10 hours the night before.

You burned more calories than most people burn all day.

Your head feels weird without a helmet.

Your wicking skull cap looks like someone soaked it in saltwater, and then let it dry. Which is basically what happened, as the white streaks testify.

Your thoughts are simplified and somewhat difficult.

Life is good.

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