27 December 2009

Falcon Cycling training camp: Day One

Landed in Tucson about 1340 today, found my teammates by the baggage claim, loaded up in the van and headed for Davis-Monthan AFB, with Ashley navigating and Cody driving. At the base, we found our rooms weren't cleaned yet, so we dropped our stuff in one of the other rooms, broke out our bikes, grabbed a snack, and got ready for an easy ride.

As we rolled out of Tucson, we hit pretty much every red light we could. It's annoying, but there's nothing you can do about it. Then, rode down off an overpass with three lanes of traffic on our right and a fast-moving merging lane to the right, we got a little bunched up. We had to cross the lane to the right to get to the shoulder, but there wasn't much room, so the guys in front braked hard.

Since there was no warning, I found myself watching my front wheel rubbing Joe's back wheel on the sides, and the front of my tire rubbing his casset. That's a bad situation: it means I can't turn my wheel to the left. And when I started leaning left, I knew I was going down.

I saw myself flying over my handlebars, arms out in front of me. We were doing about twenty, so I slid several feet. As I came to stop, another kid ran over me and my bike, but I didn't really feel that. Cody ran over my wheel, and Ashley crashed into me. Thankfully, the traffic behind us stopped.

I picked myself up and checked myself out: everything worked. Nothing had touched my head or face. My left knee had a quarter-sized scrape, and my right elbow had a baseball-sized one. My right ankle had a cut; I think that's what broke my computer and tore it off my handlebars. No big deal.

I checked to make sure my wheels were straight, put my chain back on, and looked over the frame. I hopped back on and we rode off. Riding up to the front, I realized my handlebars were twisted, but a quick stop and a multi-tool fixed that. The rest of the ride went well, nice and easy. I dropped a bottle once, but that was no big deal.

We got back in time for dinner, so I hopped in the shower - that hurt - and changed. And now, my elbow hurts, but I'm fine. I'll look over the bike, but I think it's fine. Really, it coulda been a lot worse. God is good.

And I'm ready for day two.


  1. Then, I called my parents before I posted anything on Facebook and my blog.
    Good is good, but God is better.