26 December 2009


Love is giving someone the opportunity to destroy and trusting him not to.

I saw that on a love note from my little brother's girlfriend, but I think it's true. And it's especially true of our relationship with God.

If anyone has the opportunity to destroy us, it's Him. No question. But we can trust Him, because He's good. I'm beginning to understand why and how we can fear God and love Him at the same time. When you crash your car and dad shows up, you know you'll be Ok, but you know you're in trouble. Is it kinda like that when Dad shows up? I think so.

Angels are always starting conversations with, "Do not be afraid." There's a reason for that. And if angels make humans falling-to-the-ground-afraid on sight, what would the Almighty God do? I can only imagine... except not even that.

His love is fierce, jealous, and kind. And that's the only way it can be.

It's Perfect.

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