31 December 2009

Training camp: days 2-5

Although I meant to update this daily, when you get back from a ride, you really just wanna crash - not literally, of course. But here's the update.

Day 2's ride was relatively uneventful: only about 50 miles, because we had to get back in time for Preston's wedding. The only hitch came when Justin flatted and it took 4 tubes to fix it. Preston's wedding was good, an outdoor wedding at a church to the south. I caught the garter at the reception, but I didn't get to put it on the girl who won the bouquet. Oh well.

Day 3 was Madera Canyon, a 10+ mile climb, 92 total. Good day. The climb was beautiful, but arduous.

Day 4 was another short day, recovery for day 5, which was supposed to be 120 miles. We did Gates Pass, which has a 20% climb. It's pretty short, but there's a long lead-up to it, which kinda sucks. We were in a pretty good group, Army, Navy, and AF kids, working pretty good. After the ride, I went for a short run in my VFF's, just to loosen up. Later, during my massage, Beth said my legs felt really loose. I think it was the run.

Day 5, today, I planned on doing 120. It's Kitt Peak, and it has an observatory at the top. That should tell you two things: 1) it's in the middle of nowhere and 2) it's high. 7,000 feet, to be exact, up from 2,500 at the bottom. I ate three gels, a Clif bar, and some Shot Blocks on the way up, and I did pretty good. The climb's officially 12 but really 15 miles long, lots of switchbacks. It's a tough one. I got dropped before the climb officially started, and climbed alone most of it. Since I'm the slow guy in the fast group, that meant I was the last one up. Within a mile of the summit, I caught the chase car coming down and grabbed a bottle. I worked up to the summit, put my warmers back on, and headed down. I crashed in the first corner, but straightened myself and my bike out and headed down for another 12 miles.

About crashes: I probably won't mention minor ones any more. No need to worry mom if they're just scrapes. As for this one, my elbow's beat up, but that's about it.

At the bottom, we still had 15 miles to the vans. I figured I'd stop there, since I was sore from the crash. The chase car fell in behind me, but I waved them up and told them of they were going the same speed as me, they may as well go in front and block the wind. So I motopaced for about 10 miles. Sweet.

Back on base, Tojo (Hojo's dad, who's been a nurse for 21 years) patched me up, and Beth gave me a massage. My legs are pretty tight, but with some stretching tonight they should be good to go for 84 miles and 26 miles of climbing tomorrow: Mt. Lemmon.

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