17 January 2010

Dog run

Up at David's house today, and couldn't turn down the sunshine and the mountains when they called for a run. David's brother took me four miles out on Shelf Road, and left Sadie, their dog, and I there.

Sadie is a one-year-old mutt, as curious as she is energetic. Most of the time, she'd run along behind me, checking out stuff beside the road, running along in the snowbanks, charging up the ridge. She'd always listen, though, and when I called she'd come quickly to my side.

The cattle guard threw her off a little: she ran up to it, stopped, leaped, and scrambled the rest of the way over. I guess cattle guards don't stop dogs. That's good, because I'm not sure she would have liked to be carried.

But the man sighting in his AR spooked her. At every shot, she'd run up the hill, away from the gun. I'd call her, she'd look at me like, "You sure?" and then come back down, only to run again at the next shot. Only once did I chase her up the hill, when she went out of sight.

Once she saw Cripple Creek, she started running in front of me, never gettting too far away but always wanting me to go faster. Good motivation. Once we got into town, I put her on the leash.

She knew the way home, so I kinda just let her lead. It worked out: we got there, tired but refreshed.

That dog is growing on me. And so are these mountains.

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