05 January 2010

Night Run

Kyle had the great idea of going for a run tonight: it was above 40 still, and dark. So after roll call and a training staff meeting, Kyle, Gabe, and I suited up and headed out. I led us on a 2.5 mile loop around the athletic fields, where there are no cars and no people - not after dark, anyway. The lights of the Academy reflecting off the clouds provided enough light for us to run, butsometimes I flashed my Surefire ahead just to check things out.

Running in the FiveFingers is always great. Feels like I'm floating. I'm surprised how great my legs feel after last week - I was easily faster than my squadmates. I shouldn't have been noticeably faster, but I was feeling great.

And there's nothing like running under the silhouette of the mountains and a few twinkling stars to lift your spirit.

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