31 January 2010

Night runs, deep snow, and good times

As we drove through San Isabel National Forest on our way to the BSU retreat, I thought there was a car behind us, because I could see lights flashing onto the dash in front. But I looked back, and it was only the moon, flashing between the trees on the ridge above.

Once we got to Horn Creek, Em said we should go for a night run. I think she was half-joking, but I took her seriously, so after our session that night, we went out with Gavin and Tyler and Lizzy, but Tyler and Lizzy were going to walk.

It was incredible. The snow-covered mountains glistened in the moonlight, and our shadows were clear as day on the packed snow on the road.

The next day, in the afternoon, we all went to the rec center, and I figured I'd rent some snowshoes and explore the trails. Snowshoes were fifteen bucks, though, so I decided to go without.

Those mountains are incredible: covered in pine and aspen up to the treeline, and covered with snow above that. The sun was shining, some birds were chirping, and the snow was falling off the branches as it melted. The trail was pretty well hardened by snowshoers, but sometimes my foot fell through up to my knee. Some snowshoers I met were surprised at my work boots, jeans, and cotton sweatshirt, until they found out I was from Michigan. Then they wondered why I wasn't wearing shorts.

When I came back down, I looked back up at the mountain, now with a deep blue sky behind it. I couldn't help but stop and pray and worship.

I definitely want to go back there and summit one or two of those fourteeners. Maybe in the fall.

That night was pretty stressful... I didn't have about half the songs we were doing, and I had to run the slides for worship. So afterward, I went for another night run, alone. It was pretty sketchy - not as bright as the night before, since the moon was behind a cloud. But it was bright enough to see. I ran down towards the valley, then turned around and headed back up. It was gorgeous both ways, surrounded by mountains and never seeing a soul. I'm beginning to like running, especially at night.

Dad always said I could be a runner, but I never really believed him until I started running in minimalist footwear. I like my FiveFingers the best, but ran in Nike Frees this weekend. They're flexible - you can bend the heel to touch the toe - and light, but they're still shoes. We really were born to run - just not with shoes.


  1. It was beautiful up there...And I agree about the running. It's better without shoes.

  2. That sounds like an amazing weekend! Have you read Born to Run? Here's a neat story about the race in Copper Canyon: An archeaologist from Silver City lived with the Tarahumara Indians and ran a race with the people. As he was running one night, his light was extinguished. He kept running even though he couldn't see. But suddenly something told him to stop right where he was. He stopped and slept there until morning when he woke up on the edge of a cliff. (That sounds super cheesy, but it's true.) So, is God communicating with us or what?

  3. Sadie, I've become a barefoot running fanatic. I just ordered some moccasins for these colder temps.

    Jenn, I'd say He is. And that's a great book.