08 January 2010

Peru - Spring Break 2010

This is crazy.

I'm gonna be leading a four-person team on a two-hour hike from a small Peruvian town to an even smaller Peruvian town - if it can be called a town - for three days of ministry. At the same time, another team will go to another small village, and one team will stay in Matacuma.

The town we're going to is called Callona. We have a Christian contact their who will provide a roof and food and help us set up Bible studies and storytelling sessions, but that's about all we know. During the day, we'll help the villagers in any way we can, and at night, we'll try to gather them for some storytelling - Bible stories that we've memorized, but won't read. We'll engage them with questions, encourage the Christians who are there - by my understanding, there's only one - and try to make new disciples.

"It is written:
'As surely as I live,' says the Lord,
'Every knee will bow before me,
Every tongue will confess to God.'"
Romans 14:11

May that not be the first time they bow their knees, nor the first time their tongues confess.

Please pray for the trip - pray that God will give us divine appointments, give us boldness, give us tireless bodies and faithful hearts.

And if you're willing and able to help financially, please let me know.


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