11 January 2010

Republica Dominicana

For four weeks this summer, I'll be living in a town in the center of the Dominican Republic, taking classes in the morning, running, napping, and playing checkers with old men in the afternoon. And on the weekends, we'll go to the beach or the jungle or the capitol, taking local transportation to get the 'full cultural experience'.

Which probably entails riding on buses with goats and chickens.

Our escort officers, both Majors, were in the Dominican for two years as missionaries - back in the first two years of my life. They're Mormon, but as missionaries, they have a great respect for the Dominican people and are looking into some service projects with us, at orphanages and such. They're trying to make the trip ours - there are about ten cadets going - and stay out of the way. We just need eighty hours of instruction for credit; but even the learning is our prerogative. If we have questions about what we heard the day before, we can ask our teacher, to learn what we need to, what we want to.

I'm excited.

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