24 January 2010

You shoulda seen her smile

I was getting into a rhythm, digging and twisting and dumping the rocks into the wheelbarrow. Then I looked up and saw her smile, and I paused and smiled myself. It wasn't a big smile, rather a shy one, but there was a lot of joy behind it.

She is a single mother whose husband committed suicide in November. She lives out on the plains east of the Front Range with her two kids in a mobile home on a farm. The yard is full of briars and thorns and short, prickly grass.

Dave set up a service project for BSU: we'd put in a play area for her two kids. The timbers and pea gravel were donated, and we showed up with rakes and shovels and a wheelbarrow.

In three hours, the weeds were raked, shoveled, and raked again, the timbers were lined up and set, the weedblock was down, and 14 tons of pea gravel covered it all. We moved the playhouses from the front yard to the back.

And Mama's smile made it all worth it.
From playground


  1. A smile is often worth more than a paycheck.

  2. There are those moments in life son, when you know you are doing exactly what God wants you to do, and would do with you, if He were in the flesh.