29 March 2010


From my journal of 27 March 2010:

"Estilos diferentes para gente diferente."

- Clothing store ad in Lima: "Different styles for different people."

It's something I've seen over and over on this trip. From the Virgin Mary to a full sound system in a 10' X 10' room, we've seen it all.

At one of our Bible studies, we asked if anyone had any stories to share about what God had done in their lives. One woman who we worked with in the potato field told us a story from when she was a young woman in Lima: she'd lost her job, and was very worried about getting a new one - for several months. The Virgin Mary came to her in a dream and told her to stop worrying - she'd get a job soon. And within a few days, she did.

The Virgin Mary has never spoken to me in a dream. Neither have any dead - or should I say Alive? - relatives. But I think it could happen. Could not the God who knows the number of hairs on our heads use that woman's respect for the Virgin Mary to speak to her? I say he could.

Pentecostal services are always interesting: start with ten minutes of everyone praying a la vez and lots of "oh, Señor Jesús". Then sing some songs from the hymnbook, with clapping and dancing. Use a mic and a keyboard at high volume in a tiny room. Have the American hermanos give testimonies, with lots of Amens from the congregation. Preach the Word, using more Word than words. Give more testimonies. Plan the next three Sundays. Peace.

Or something like that. It's a little crazy, but I can't say it's wrong.

"Estilos diferentes para gente diferente."

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