07 March 2010

Moccasins and frozen waterfalls

We were doing pretty good until we got to the waterfall, which was frozen over a few feet thick, covering the trail. I was able edge my way up, finding some good handholds on the rock and some questionable footholds in the ice.

From Stanley Canyon 6 March 10

It was a bit sketchy. Once over the steep part, though, it was pretty much just flat ice until the trail got back to terra firma. But like Bill said, "It doesn't take much flat ice to start moving pretty fast."

From Stanley Canyon 6 March 10

So, even though we didn't get all the way to Stanley Reservoir, it was a good hike. I was impressed with the traction my moccasins provided, and the waterproofing. I don't think my feet really ever got wet, even though we walked through snow and slush and mud.

My moccasins are from Soft Star Shoes, their "Viley" model with a "T-rex" sole. Very comfy, very functional: they're the only shoes I wear on the weekends. Even wore them for a four or five mile run yesterday, and was very impressed. I don't think they're as good as FiveFingers - they don't let your toes move as much and they're a little heavier - but they're great for colder weather. Highly recommended. But Soft Star is coming out with some moccasins designed for running, and I'm pretty excited for those.

Note: I'm not receiving anything from Soft Star Shoes or Vibram for my mentions of their products. They're just good products, and I want to share them.

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