29 March 2010

Peru 2010: Things I learned

-Donkeys are some of the stubbornest animals I've ever met
-Donkeys are some of the loudest animals I've ever met
-Rooster = alarm clock. Set for 0340.
-Vibram FiveFingers are great shoes, but in the Peruvian Andes, they get wet and usually stay wet
-Plan early
-Public toilets in the Andes are BYOTP
-The beach in Lima is sweet, but not particularly relaxing
-In Miami, people can tell we're in the military
-Running barefoot on the beach is awesome
-The Word is extremely powerful
-REI makes some good backpacks and daypacks
-We won't always know why. That's OK.
-I could live in Collana
-The Andes are gorgeous
-In the Andes, add at least half an hour to any planned meeting time
-The best food on the continent is Anticucho: cow heart.
-The best drink is Chicha Morada
-Olympus Stylus Tough cameras are tough
-It may surprise your friends when you pull out your camera while swimming in the Pacific Ocean and ask them to take a picture
-It's really hard to get your swim trunks back on in six- to ten- foot whitecaps
-I shouldn't learn much Spanish in the Dominican Republic
-God chose to reveal Himself as a Father for a good reason

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