28 April 2010

RunAmoc now available

Soft Star Shoes has finally released their running moccasin, called the RunAmoc. Guess who submitted the name?

Picture from softstarshoes.com

The shoes have undergone lots of testing since their conception, and they look pretty sweet. They're also available in red perforated leather and solid 'chocolate' suede. The perforated leather will be welcome for summer runs: solid suede can get warm, but it would be good for winter.

They're fitted with Vibram outsoles, in two options: a smooth 2mm sole for street wear, and a bumpy 5mm sole for trail wear.

Some reviewers seem to like them even more than Vibram FiveFingers. FiveFingers will still be best for wet conditions, I'm thinking, but we'll see.

I already ordered my pair - I'll review them once I test them. I think these will be my go-to shoes for general summer wear and may take over my FiveFingers' spot, too.

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