19 April 2010

Someone lost the key to my bike room. So my bike, which got wet this weekend, is locked up, and I can neither clean nor ride it.

After yanking on the door to no avail, I changed plans: trail run to who knows where.

A quick run back to my room, a change into my FiveFingers and running clothes, and I was good to go. Headed down the battle ramp, across the parade field, and caught Falcon Trail. It's a sweet trail, follows a ridgeline down to the golf course, then loops around to the south of the base after a jaunt through a pine forest. After the turn to the south, I hopped on to the golf course to head back up, using the mountains as a guide.

Some golfers gave me weird looks, but the grass was soft and the sun was shining. After about fifteen minutes, I found myself back on familiar trails, and picked up the pace to get back to the squad.

Found a couple blisters on my pinky toes - a little bit of sand got in there and rubbed around. No big deal. Vibram's site doesn't list the KSO's as good for trail runs, but I think they are, if you lend an eye to where you step. Running in them feels a lot better, more natural, smoother.

Every time I run in them, I'm even more convinced we were designed to run, and we were designed to do it without cushioning and arch support and stiff soles.

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  1. One of Grandma Leila's favorite words was "serendipity."
    I believe this locked room turning into a nice run qualifies. df pa