19 May 2010

To fly or to build?

In November, I have to submit my choices for my Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC). I'm not sure if I want to fly, or if I want to go into engineering and do RED HORSE type of stuff.

Flying would be fun, and I could fly rescue choppers, or fighters, or tankers, or anything, depending on my pilot training class and how well I do in it. But it's a ten-year commitment.

Engineering would be sweet. I could jump out of airplanes and fix stuff. But only for one assignment, or maybe two. It'd probably be a lot of administrative work.

If I fly, I could go into missionary aviation. If I go engineering, I could work on the ground to provide shelter and clean water and such.

They're both good options. Hmm...


  1. While there are many good roles in the Air Force, the platform you get from being an Air Force pilot (or fighter pilot) provides an amazing opportunity. The experience is also invaluable, and unmatched, when it comes to eventually supporting organizations like MAF or JAARS.

    I wouldn't let the ADSC sway your choice. If you have a passion for your work for God in this world, the commitment won't matter.

    For what its worth, its easier to go back later and learn how to "build" than it is to go back later and learn how to fly.

    For an interesting perspective on a Christian's role in a secular world/profession, I highly recommend RG LeTourneau's autobiography (link). If you're interested in "building," you might find it fascinating.

  2. Looks like good advice there, son.



  3. Thanks for the advice, JD. I'm thinking I'll do Powered Flight Program in the fall - just to make sure I actually like being in the air - and I'll probably put pilot as my #1 choice. But I've got some time to make that decision.