14 May 2010

Where I come from

I drive these old roads
I run these old trails
Filled with memories,
With songs, with sights

Here is where I hit the deer
There is the curve I crashed my bike
The doctor's house, on the right
Where I chopped the tree the wind blew down

Remember our ride at dusk
When the gnats filled our hair?
Remember when Luke whistled Christmas songs
All the way home from church?

That tree is taller than I remember
See how high the river is?
There is the smell of lilac
Over here, the smell of birch

Back here, I lay and look at the stars
The jack pines creek in the breeze
Once, we watched the northern lights
Did you see them dance?

One day, you will see my home
You'll see my family, my yard, my town
And then maybe you'll understand
Where it is that I come from


  1. 1) I love where you come from.
    2) I had fun in Flushing today.
    2) Nice work on the poem :)