24 June 2010

Double Tap

I slap the mag home, pull the charging handle, and flip the safety to 'fire', bringing the rifle level, looking through the red dot scope.

A man's silhouette pops up in the grass. Tap, tap. Instinctively, I double-tap him, center mass. He goes down. Another pops up. Tap, tap. Another. Tap, tap. Tap, tap. I keep shooting until my mag is empty, knocking down every man that pops up.

A buzzer goes off, I flip the weapon to safe, pull the mag and show the TSgt next to me that the chamber's empty. We walk back to the trailer. Somebody asks me, "So ya wanna be a cop?" I guess I shot pretty well.

In the shoothouse, we stack up outside the door. There's a hostage inside. I'm the number two man. The one man rolls in, yells out about a door on the left, and rolls right into it. I follow. We clear it as the hostage screams that he's about to get shot. "Room clear! Two coming out!" "Come out!"

We roll out and stack up in the hall. Jeff and I roll into another room. There's a man with a gun. We have him go hands up with his back to us, and tell him to drop the gun. He releases the mag. There's still a round in the chamber. He starts to turn. Jeff shoots. He's down.

We move into the main room. There's a man on the couch, I assume he was the hostage. He jumps on Jeff's back. I wrestle him off and go down with him. He's got Jeff in a choke hold. I peel off one of his arms and nearly pull his shoulder out. He's done.

We clear the rest of the house, grab the hostage, and get out. I got sprayed across the legs, but no chest or head shots. Two shots gave me some nice welts. They were 9mm simunition rounds - basically paintballs, fired out of an M4. Pretty sweet.

Things I learned:
-Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.
-The first thing you look for on a human is the hands. They can't shoot you with their feet.
-Stick close to your buddies. Like, 'no homo' close.
-In combat, people can't feel small touch signals. You gotta slap them, and not on their armor.
-Double taps are effective. Also, they impress cops.
-Red dot scopes are fast.
-Sniper school sucks.
-I want an AR-15.


  1. Sniper school sucks? Sounds like another post ... :)
    Well done, son. (And thank you Flushing Rifle & Pistol Club.)