17 June 2010

El Monumento

I lay on my back and look up. A few stars shine above the monument, clouds form in the night sky. How did I wind up here? I can't believe how great this is.

We sit and talk about relationships we've had and relationships we have, about kissing and about faith. About how God made this city and these mountains and these stars and these people. But He's here, next to us, listening, speaking. Can you hear Him?

We talk about Spanish and Dominican Spanish and travelling and leaving. Beer cups rattle across the cobblestones in the breeze, engines roar in the city below, the merengue band moves to the other side of the hill.

Two of Jesson's friends show up. I listen to them speak about their music, sobre las diferencias entre merengue tradicional y merengue de la calle: tradicional trata de amor y cosas románticos; la calle habla de violencia y todo eso. Que lástima.

Back with Julio and José, we talk about hammocks and extreme hammocking and how there's a Spanish verb for rocking in a hammock: jamaquear. Awesome.

Jesson's friends tell me of a beautiful place up in the Northern mountains. José: "Allá, cerca de las luces, al otro lado de las montañas." Julio: "No, má'; pa' 'llá, má' pa'; 'llá." They tell me of great eagles that dive from 2,000 feet to grab gallinas and puercos and carry them into the air, of waterfalls higher than the monument, with huge rocks that fell to the river.

I tell them I'm from Michigan and they know about the lakes. I tell them of the time I saw an eagle dive to the water, grab a fish, and fly to a tree to eat it. They tell me more about their country: bonito, bonito, bonito, bonito, bonito. I wish we had more time to explore.

The city is quiet now. I wish you were here, letting the cool breeze blow through your hair. We could talk about God and la naturaleza and relationships. I could pay the trio to play some merengue and we could dance on the cobblestones under the monument and under the stars. We could make plans to go see the eagles and swim in the rivers and jump off the waterfalls.

Would you go with me?

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