12 June 2010


We're running Falcon Trail, charging down the switchbacks. We're racing. I take the lead, then lose the trail. We're crawling through the underbrush. We come across a man sitting there. He crawls with us.

I hear hissing in the leaves. It's a small cobra. I take out my knife and think about chopping it's head off. I don't. We see the cobra has three buddies. We sit calmly.

The fourth cobra strikes, but not hard. Its upper fang is in my knee, between my skin and my kneecap. I strike at it with my knife.

I wake up. The sun is shining through the curtain. My heart is beating fast and my knee hurts.

1 comment:

  1. Yikes! That's scary. Glad it didn't really sink its fangs into you. (Shudder)