08 July 2010

Barry, the perpetual worker

Here's an idea: make a perpetual whirlpool. You get that thing going and it won't stop. Take out environmental factors. You could make one as big as the Hoover Dam. Think of the turbines you could spin!

Or how about gravity? You know, Archimedes was one of the greatest. He thought, "What if we take gravity and instead of working against it, we work with it? That's energy!" That's a motor!

Tell ya what, Nathan. Once you get out of the Air Force, we'll build us a little lab and we'll figure this out. You and me. The good 'ol days are comin'. I'm like Butch Cassidy: I've got vision and the rest of the world wears bifocals. 

And you never lose that little boy "What's this? How's this work?" Never lose that. 

Have a good 'un.

You too, Barry.

Love that man.

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