25 July 2010

Born to Run

Someone once told me that if he saw someone running with a smile, he'd try running.

If that was you, you should come run with me. I smile all the time when I run.

I'm not sure if it's the mountain air or the fiery skies or the twisty singletrack or the better-than-barefoot shoes, but running puts a smile on my face.

When you run on the earth and you run with the earth, you can run forever. - Tarahumara proverb, Born to Run

It sounds a little strange, but it's true. When you run light and soft, feeling the ground and listening to its feedback and to your body, you can go as far as you want. I only had time for thirty minutes tonight, but I could've done thirteen miles. It felt so good.

I've realized why the Tarahumara have been wearing huaraches for hundreds of years. Huaraches are the greatest running footwear I've ever worn. These people call themselves RarĂ¡muri, which means "runners on foot". They run between villages for transportation and communication. 100 miles at a pop.

We're all designed to do the same. Besides...

When I run, I feel His pleasure. - Eric Liddell

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