16 July 2010

Coolest Cadre Ever

"Sir, I was talking to my friend Dan and he said, 'There goes the coolest cadre ever.' It was you. He said you were coming to fill up a canteen and he was there with facepaint on. You asked, 'Isn't it a great day to be an American Warrior?' And you asked how Ops-Warrior went for him and his flight. He told his classmates to make a hole for you to fill up your canteen, but you told them not to, that you could wait. You thanked them for letting you go first and said 'Good afternoon, gentleman' as you walked away."

It's the little things that count, I guess.

1 comment:

  1. As Grandma Mc sez, "It's nice to be loved."
    And there's no reason you can't be a warrior with good manners, neither.