13 July 2010

The One Mode or Other

When I was a four-degree (freshman), I wrote a post about Schofield's Quote. I still know that quote by heart, and I was teaching it to my basics today as they waited to for weigh-ins.

It's a good quote. Part of it goes like this: "It is possible to impart instruction and give commands in such a manner, in such a tone of voice, as to inspire in the soldier no feeling but an intense desire to obey..." I stopped them after that line and asked them how the other flight cadre and I were doing on that. They had good feedback - one of them mentioned a little mid-beat-session motivational speech I gave them last night - but I'm not sure if they really thought we were doing well or if they just didn't want to tick me off. I hope it was the former.

Then, randomly, one of them asked to ask a question: "Sir, are your eyes natural, or are you wearing contacts?"

I busted up. Manny had used that line on a girl in the Dominican. Once I recovered myself, I told him where I'd heard that line before, and he started smiling. I told our Peruvian basic what the line was in Spanish, and the follow up: "Pensé que eran contactos porque son tan brillantes."

The basic responded smartly, "Yo no creo eso, señor."

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