10 July 2010


2nd BCT (Basic Cadet Training) starts today. I'm gonna be an element leader, in charge of ten or so basics. But I'll be involved in the training and mentoring of our whole flight of about 30 basics.

I'm nervous: will I do a good job? Am I as good as the guys who trained me? I still can't believe I'm standing in their shoes.

I've seen guys have a great impact on their basics, as Cadets and more importantly as Christians. And I've seen guys screw it up.

My prayer for our basics is that they would become greater cadets than I am. That their class would be better than my own. And that they would realize I follow Jesus, and that realization would make them want to come alongside.

It's not gonna be easy - for them or for me. But I'm sure we'll all learn a lot.

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