11 July 2010

You checkin' me out?

Walking across the Jacks Valley Training Complex (JVTC) to grab some sandbags for my basics, I passed by another flight standing at attention. One of the basics looked straight at me, realized I was looking at him, then snapped back.

I walked up, got in his face. "Basic, you checkin' me out?"

"No, sir!"

"You lyin' to me? 'Cause I just saw you look at me."

"No, sir!"

"You think I'm sexy, basic?"

No answer. Here comes Tyler, the flight commander and a friend of mine. Apparently, this basic's been causing some trouble.

Tyler: "You think Cadet Seibt is sexy? You wanna have some cuddle time with him later? But you can't tell me if you do."

The basic smirks. I yell: "Are you serious!? Wipe that smirk off your face. I'm tempted to drop you right now."

Tyler: "On your face." He gets down, throws his rifle in the dirt and puts his hands on top. I yell at him for that. His classmates join him. I yell, "My cadence!" The basics respond: "Your cadence!"

"One, two three..."

"One, sir!" And so on.

I tell them to get up after twenty four-count pushups. Get in that basics face again. "Sorry, but that's all I have time for."

Tyler: "Oh, you can come by later, Cadet Seibt."

"I will."

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  1. Nathan, it sounds like he was up against it, and he just used that old advice: